Story 5

The Pet Store



I brought my son to one of those mega pet stores. He was admiring all the puppies behind the windows.


My Son: “Look at this one Daddy. He’s funny!”

Me:  “He sure is. Hey…he’s in your old room. Wow!”

My Son: “My old room?”

Me:  “Yeah! This is where Mommy and Daddy found you.”

My Son: “I don’t believe you.”

Me:  “Yessiree! You had your face all squished up against the glass. You left a big booger stain. You were cute though.”

My Son: “Daddy stop it!”

Me:  “Yep…you were all covered in shredded newspaper and smelled like monkey poop. I wanted to call you Mister Bugglepants.”

My Son: “Not funny Daddy! I’m leaving!”

Me:  “Come back Mister Bugglepants…come back!”