Story 1

Responsible Adult


I was packing for an overnight trip with my son. It was the first time my son and I were going away together without my wife.


Wife: “You are going to call me when you get there right?”

Me:   “Yep.”

Wife: “You can also call me when you stop for gas.”

Me:   “Sure.”

Wife: “Don’t forget the emergency kit…just in case.”

Me:   “…ok.”

Wife: “Do you have his medical card? Maybe I should give you my mom’s number just in case I don’t pick up. ”

Me:   “Relax Honey. Nothing bad is going to happen.”

Wife: “He’s with YOU.”

Me:   “What does that mean?”

Wife: “You’re going to do YOU things!”

Me:   “Geesh…he’s seven. What do you think I’m going to do? Give him beer?”

Wife: “…no.”

Me:   “Of course not…the strippers will never let me do that…”